Plants for Beginners

Plants for Beginners

By Paula Benneian

Plants for Beginners

Everyone around you has jumped on the indoor plant craze; dinner out with friends now includes some topic about plants, drinks at people's homes involves navigating through friend's indoor jungle as they aim to make their home feel like the Amazon.

You are ready to start with your plant collection but you are scared of killing your first purchase and the dust covered plastic string of pearls on your shelf is just not cutting it and you are ready to try real. 

Growing indoor plants is easier thank you think and it's all about which plants to start with first to gain trust in your plant growing abilities and some basic tips to get you started. 

Our top 5 indoor plants to make you feel like a plant guru

1. Devil’s Ivy

Epipremnum aureum

Shiny variegated leaves, great for hanging baskets and floating shelves or bookshelves. Very easy to grow, leave it to dry a little between watering

Tip: when the plant gets too long, put cuttings in cute glass jars in water 

Tip: Grow it on a totem pole, as the roots on the stems latch on the to totem they can develop larger leaves, it mimics growing up trees in tropical areas

2 Monstera, Fruit Salad Plant

Monstera deliciosa

So much fun to grow Monsteras and so rewarding even if you think you have zero success with plants.  Monsteras will give you the jungle vibe you want for your home with minimal fuss

TIP: when the plant gets too big, stake them up using garden stakes, driftwood sticks or coconut fibre totem poles

3 Snake Plant


If you don’t spend too much time at home or have a tendency to neglect plants, Snake Plants are a good option. These plants can also handle low light, so they are a good option for dark corners of your home you want to inject some life into. They can go a month without watering

TIP: very easy to propagate, simply place leaf blades in water

4 Happy Plant

Dracaena fragrans ‘Massangeana’

Bring back the 70’s vibe into your home, if you want something big and easy, Happy plants are the go. Variegated stripes will brighten any home and the tall habit of the plant means this plant will make a big impact in your home


5. Heart Leaf Philodendron

Philodendron cordatum

One of my faves, this is probably my go to for people who are true beginners, apart from being easy to grow; the way they cascade down with their shiny green leaves looking lush and delicious makes this plant a great choice, even for people at any level 

Basic Tips

  • Don't over-water, you are better off erring on the drier side than being too water happy, plants need oxygen around the roots as well so leave the soil to breath between watering.
  • The brighter the light the better, the closer to the window as a general rule the better your chances of success. For low light areas give Devil's Ivy or Snake plant a go 
  • Why not name your plant?! Maybe by naming it (Barry perhaps?) you have a closer connection to it and the need to care for Barry might increase its chances for survival?!