3 Reasons Indoor Plants Make Great Valentine's Gifts

3 Reasons Indoor Plants Make Great Valentine's Gifts

By Paula Benneian

3 Reasons Indoor Plants Make Great Valentine's Gifts

If you want to spoil someone special this Valentine's, consider gifting an indoor plant. Here's 3 reasons why living plants a make great gifts

1. They Last

Much like your relationship, you want your gift to last.  

Of course, no one keeps score in a relationship, right? But if they did…you’d want the reminder of your appreciation and love to last.

If you want some colour, flowering plants such as a beautiful anthuriums, can bloom for eight to twelve weeks. Properly cared for, it will continue to bloom every year after. Potted flowers like African Violets can bloom almost year-round. 

2. They Keep Things Fresh

If you’re in a long-term relationship you’ve probably tried a couple valentine combinations by now: flowers and chocolates, a bottle of sparkling, an emergency card grabbed at the last minute after you lost track of the date.   

Why not try something different this year and come visit our Merimbula storefront to find something new to surprise your SO this Valentine’s? 

We offer gift wrapping, local delivery, and potting-up services to help you create the perfect bespoke gift. 

Mix it up this Valentine’s Day and get something unique.  

3. They Help You Live Better for Longer  

The goal of every great relationship is to grow old together. Did you know flowers can help you do that?  

Studies have shown indoor plants can provide health benefits in several ways: 

  • They filter the air and improve its quality. 
  • Indoor gardening can reduce stress levels and improve your mood. 
  • They look great and improve the aesthetics of your home. 
  • Flowering plants smell amazing and act as a natural air freshener. 

Not only can this gift warm your Valentine's heart, it can also improve their quality of life. Fill your life with plants and grow together in good health and wellbeing.  

Need some gift ideas?  We’re here to help. 

Here’s our top 3 picks as the perfect gift for plant lovers this valentine’s:  

1. Custom Mini Garden

A great option if you want to create a personalised gift. We offer potting up services so you can create your own custom arrangement for that special someone.


2. African Violets

Cheap and cheerful these blooms can last for up to 3 months, a great way to bring a pop of colour inside. Large range of colours available.



3. A Showstopper

 Want to go all out? Large range of amazing plant and pot combos to wow your partner and make their day. Free local delivery available.